Sunday, February 03, 2013


Shop Smart/carsguide/Career One
3 Feb 2013

 Pearl Beach Pearls, leading online store for classic handcrafted Australian Akoya pearl jewellery, has just received coverage in the Sunday Telegraph's "Shop Smart" liftout. It is the lead story in the article "Spotlight on Fashion".

The article features the latest offerings from local clothing and jewellery designers.

To read the coverage click above on "SHOP SMART/CARSGUIDE/CAREER ONE"

The Sunday Telegraph is Australia's biggest-seeling newspaper.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

See it, touch it, try it on! You are invited to experience the Pearl Beach Pearls jewellery range.

 The Pearl Beach Pearls range of jewellery is available for you see for limited time only at premier Jeweller,
Percy Marks.
We invite you to come in and see the range for yourself.

And you can also purchase in time for Christmas!

From Monday 17 December  to Thursday 20 December, from 2pm to 6pm
Percy Marks
60-70 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Saturday, November 10, 2012

World Class Australian Akoya Pearls

The Akoya comes from the small Akoya Oyster and are internationally renowned for their superior qualities in shape, colour and lustre. Akoya Pearls are traditionally cultivated in Japan where, as early in the 1800s, they were harvested and became a valuable and sought after jewellery item on the international market. Pearl Beach Pearls Akoya pearls are sourced from the prisitine waters of Broken Bay, north of Sydney. The large salt water river inlet between Pittwater and the Central Coast provides perfect conditions for these world class Akoya Pearls to grow. This results in our Pearl Beach Pearls having natural colour and superior lustre to many imported pearls from Asia, which are frequently bleached, artificially coloured and have chemically enhanced lustre. The quality of the Australian cultivated Akoyas is second to none with no artificial or synthetic treatment, so you are guaranteed the natural perfection of these saltwater pearls. All Pearl Beach Pearls come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Broken Bay, Pearl Paradise

The entrance to Broken Bay lies between the northern Box Head and Barrenjoey Head to he south. At the entrance is iconic Barrenjoey Lighthouse which was constructed in 1881 to guide ships away from the beautiful and prominent headland. The bay comprises three arms, being the prominent estuary of the Hawkesbury River in the west, Pittwater to the south, and Brisbane Water to the north. These three arms are flooded rivers (rias) formed at a time when the sea level was much lower than it is at the present day. Today Broken Bay arms and surrounding river systems are still surrounded by more than 60,000 ha of wilderness, lacing into the wilderness of 10 national parks and wildlife reserves. Lion Island, named for its profile's resemblance to a Sphinx from some viewpoints, is located at the mouth and guards the entrance of Broken Bay. Lion Island's Nature Reserve covers the entire island, and is the home to a colony of fairy penguins.

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